Explore the India of The Jungle Book

It sounds crazy but sometimes you need a bit of inspiration for planning your next adventure.We love the idea that a friend had recently to take inspiration from their bookshelf! Perhaps you want to visit the world of Jane Austen, get your geek on and see Hogwarts in real life, or perhaps discover Great Gatsby glamour in New York City. Your book collection could take you all over the world

Our fantasy trip list just got a little bit bigger when we caught a glance of a copy of The Jungle Book sitting innocently on our mantlepiece and immediately started planning a trip to India inspired by the Rudyard Kipling story.

Start your visit in Mumbai, the birthplace of Mr Kipling himself. With frequent and affordable public transit like trains and ferries, you will find getting around to be very easy. If you want a slightly more hair-raising journey take a three wheeled rickshaw to your destination!

See Sher Kahn in his natural habitat at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. With an incredibly high concentration of tigers in the park, you have a really high chance of seeing one of these majestic creatures. You can arrange safari trips of a lifetime at the Bandhavgarh park where you explore the park by elephant or by jeep. For a getaway like no other save up for a stay at the Tree House Hideaway Resort where you have the chance of seeing a tiger from your very own air-conditioned treehouse.

If you want to experience the village lifestyle of India then work with Responsible Travel to visit and stay in the beauty of rural India. responsible travel has built up strong relationships with local people where home stays and assisting on family farms are all part of the experience.

If you want to have your trip perfectly planned out and arranged for you consider saving up a cool £3,275 or so to travel to India with Wild Frontier Travel for an adventure that includes accommodation in 4 star hotels,  meals, guides and excursions to see tigers, UNESCO sights and time in Mumbai. I don’t know about you, but we are certainly saving up our pennies!

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